Joel TIXIER joined SAJET in 2011, where he advises on issues concerning administrative law.

During a long career as a senior civil servant, Joel held various positions in the ministries of Finance and the Interior, in an independent government agency and in various sub-prefectures and prefectures including the Paris police department, where he was in charge of personnel, the budget and litigation. He has also served as general secretary, sub-prefect and prefect of major French departments.

In the course of his career in government, he has dealt on a daily basis with highly technical administrative and legal matters, such as the legality of administrative decisions and special regulations, and with key social and economic issues, such as economic development, public investment, industrial redeployment and urban renovation.

His intimate knowledge of national government ministries and agencies and local government entities at the regional, departmental and municipal levels, makes him a top adviser in the area of public law.

In addition to his work for the firm, Joel sits on the board of several corporations, non-profit organizations and foundations of recognized public utility.


  • Ecole Nationale d’Administration (class of 1974)
  • IEP de Bordeaux


  • French
  • English